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      Future Plans

Proposed Balodyan Building

Phase 1 : Apr-2010 : Expanding Balodyan Project

  • Planned to increase the headcount of children under Balodyan project to 100 in next 5 years.
  • Children from Red Light are will be accommodated from year 2010.
Phase 2 : Mar-2010 : Orphan Girls Hostel
  • Planned to build a separate hostel for girls with initial capacity of 10.
  • Expansion plan is to increase the headcount to 100 in next 5 years including the girls from Red Light area
Phase 3 : 2011 : Rehabilitation Center for Orphan Women
  • A home run for destitute women, helpless young widows and victims of atrocities, sexual abuse, domestic violence and women trafficking.
Phase 4 : 2012 : Old Age Home
  • A Home of aged with medical facilities including services of a doctor, medicines and entertainment
Phase 5 : Building a Learning /Training center for Educational & Social Activities
Educational Area
  • Career Guidance for students in all category
  • Preparation for Competitive Exams in Govt. and Private sector
  • Development of Soft Skills / Intelligent Quotient (IQ) / Emotional Quotient (EQ) / Skill Quotient (SQ)
  • Skill Development Programs for students in low/medium IQ Category & Slow Learners
  • Organizing Trainings/Lectures/Workshops for Students/Teachers
Social Area
  • Organizing Training Programs for women to address/awareness for social issues and it's resolutions
  • Organizing Training Programs for youth to address/awareness for Health related Issues Like HIV/AIDS
  • Organizing Training Programs for Farmers to address/awareness for advanced trends in farming , financial management & marketing the food products
  • Organizing Training Programs on Responsible Parentship for parents

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